Cydia Eraser, or Cydia Impactor until today, is an application released in Cydia by the creator application, saurik and is intended to give us the opportunity to completely erase a jailbreak made for iOS, meaning the application Cydia and everything It jailbreak has done that terminal.

Cydia Eraser was released last year and did not receive a lot of attention from the creator, but the application has been updated during the night passed by saurik, it now offers partial support for iOS 9.0, so theoretically no you can use in safety solutions to delete any of the jailbreak for iOS launched in September.

According to saurik, support now provided by Cydia Eraser is limited and only terminals that have made updates to iOS from version to version, that have not skipped multiple versions, but in large, iOS 8 has part of total support, iOS 9.0 and iOS remains for now the only version available in September with support.

Basically, Cydia Eraser is now approaching support offered to new versions of iOS in September, but it will take several updates for full support to be provided and their absence is questionable since I have had until now various programs jailbreak available iOS 9.

No: I do not claim in that changelog “9.x support”, only “partial support for 9.0”. It is whatever Apple had a single-step OTA file available for. This tool still supports the exact same versions of the firmware as 0.9.17+53.

Apart from this partial support for iOS 9.0, Cydia Eraser is part and an icon new that has little to do with what the program does, but if you are interested in it for use in iOS 8, then you can download it for free by following this link.


The battle between the App Store and Google Play has entered a new phase in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016, the online store of the Apple managed to generate 2 times more money than shop those from Google, China the main growth engine in this situation.

Although Google Play generates 2 times more downloads for apps than the App Store, the store Google fails to reach the App Store site in terms of revenues, on the contrary, they fell from the first quarter of fiscal 2016, the difference It is only 75% between stores in terms of revenues.

China overtook the US in terms of app downloads, games as favorites Chinese, and since 75% of total revenues for iOS come from games, it is clear that all the attention Apple must focus on China at the moment thanks to the money which country she generates.

Equally, Japan begin approaching increasingly more US where game downloads from the App Store, and soon Japanese will download more games than Americans so that the country will become more important than the US because it will generate more money for Apple, which is the focus of the business.

Although Google Play surpassed a while App Store in terms of downloads store from Google did not generate ever grossed higher than the Apple store and chances are quite small for this to happen, given the unavailability users Android or spend money on applications.


Finally, the creators of this study argue that the time spent in applications has doubled over the same period of 2014, dependent on the growing smartphone motivating users to use their terminals and applications more often, and so lose many hours a day using this type of software.